Student Management and Support

The policy documents related to Student Management and Support.
Student Management and Support processes are found in the Process Library

Policies Related procedures
Enrolment and Timetabling Policy (MPF1294)
Establishment and Award of Student Awards Policy (MPF1062)
Executive Education and Short Courses Policy (MPF1008)
Graduation Policy (MPF1055)
Responding to Student Traumatic Event Policy (MPF1357)
Selection and Admission Policy (MPF1295)
Student Academic Integrity Policy (MPF1310)
Student Appeals Policy (MPF1323)
Student Complaints and Grievances Policy (MPF1066)
Student Conduct Policy (MPF1324)
Student Fitness to Study Policy (MPF1349)
Student Loans, Fees and Charges Policy (MPF1325)
Student Travel and Transport Policy (MPF1209)
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