The Employment category of policies and procedures are currently being reviewed. During this period please contact a member of your local Human Resources team for guidance on employment policies being updated. See


The policy documents related to Employment.
Employment processes are found in the Process Library

Policies Related procedures
Academic Appointment, Performance and Promotion Policy (MPF1299)
Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy (MPF1328)
Categories of Employment Procedure (MPF1154)
Flexible Work Arrangements Procedure (MPF1155)
Fraud and Corruption Management Policy (MPF1351)
Honorary Appointments and University Visitors Procedure (MPF1156)
Leave Policy (MPF1343)
Leaving the University Policy (MPF1142)
Recruitment and Appointment Policy (MPF1152)
Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Procedure (MPF1159)
Relocation Policy (MPF1126)
Remuneration, Recognition and Working Conditions Policy (MPF1223)
Salaries, Loadings and Benefits Procedure (MPF1170)
Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy (MPF1359)
Staff Development, Education and Performance Policy (MPF1227)
Staff Development, Education and Training Procedure (MPF1149)
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