Staff Development, Education and Performance Policy (MPF1227)

  • Category: Employment
  • Version: 7
  • Document Type: Policy
  • Document Status: Published
  • Approved On: 31 May, 2022
  • Audience: Staff, Research, Academic
  • Effective Date: 31 May, 2022
  • Review Date: 30 June, 2015
  • Policy Approver: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (People And Community)
  • Policy Steward: Director, People And Performance


This policy applies to all staff at the University.


1. General

1.1.    The University supports the ongoing development and training of its employees. 

2. Performance and development planning and review

2.1.    The Performance Development Framework (PDF) supports continuing and fixed-term staff to develop their professional performance, achieve goals and career aspirations

2.2.    The PDF provides a basis for career development, professional development and performance objectives.

2.3.    The PDF is based around a series of regular and on-going discussions between the staff member and supervisor and documentation of the staff member's performance expectations, development activities and review of achievements over a 12 month period.

2.4.     The PDF assists staff to understand priorities, define goals, improve performance and provides a procedure for supervisors and staff to jointly manage unsatisfactory performance.

2.5.    The PDF provides a basis for reward and recognition for performance, bonus payments, loadings, linked advancement, accelerated increments and incremental advancement.

2.6.    Casual staff members are subject to individual performance arrangements determined by supervisors.

2.7.    The procedures relating to the PDF and to performance planning and review of casual staff are set out in the Performance Planning and Review Procedure.

3. Unsatisfactory performance

3.1.    The University will investigate allegations of, and may take disciplinary action for, unsatisfactory performance by staff under section 60 of the Enterprise Agreement 2013.

3.2.    Action by the University may include formal censure, warning or counselling; withholding an increment for up to one year; demotion to a lower classification or increment and/or transfer to another position; suspension with pay; or termination of employment.

3.3.    Requests for review arising from action by the University will be managed in accordance with the processes set out in section 60 of the Enterprise Agreement 2013.

4. Staff education and training

4.1.    The Staff Education Scheme aims to encourage professional staff to complete an undergraduate degree or undertake other recognised courses of study. Under the scheme, approved staff members are given leave to study. Eligibility criteria and application procedures set out in the Staff Development, Education and Training Procedure.

5. Special studies programs – short term

5.1.    Academic staff may apply for absence on academic duty for periods of less than two months to participate in special studies programs (SSP), to attend conferences, conduct research field work, undertake special training or other purposes.

5.2.    An assistance grant may be paid to a staff member whose application for absence on academic duty has been approved for less than two months. The level and source of financial support is determined by the head of department or dean and funding is normally provided only once in any year.

6. Special studies programs – long term

6.1.    Academic staff are eligible to apply for absence on academic duty for extended periods of between two and six months, under the special studies programs (long) (SSP(L)). SSP(L) provides academic staff members with an opportunity to carry out work which is beyond the normal expectation of their regular course of duties. Such a program would normally involve the use of facilities or resources not available at the University. Approval to undertake a program within the University would only be granted in the most exceptional circumstances.

6.2.    An SSP(L) application is considered for approval by the head of budget division on the recommendation of the head of department. Approval to undertake a program is based upon a number of factors, including the programs' merit, and is not automatic even when the applicant satisfies the basic eligibility requirements. Eligibility criteria, service pre-requisites and application and approval procedures for SSP(L) are set out in the Staff Development, Education and Training Procedure.

6.3.    While on SSP(L) and being paid from the University payroll, the staff member is subject to the normal University policies and procedures.

6.4.    The outcomes of an SSP(L) are considered in the context of the Academic Staff Assessment.

7. University fee discount scheme

7.1.    The University offers staff and their families the opportunity to study at the University at a reduced fee under the University fee discount scheme. The scheme supports the professional development of staff and enhances institutional commitment.

7.2.    Fee discounts of up to 25% are provided to staff members and their immediate families studying full-fee paying graduate courses and Community Access Program (CAP) subjects as set out in the Staff Development, Education and Training Procedure.

7.3.    Discounts for immediate family will be pro-rata according to the time fraction of the staff member.

7.4.    Casual and honorary staff are not eligible to participate in the scheme.

7.5.    The fee discount relates to the course fee and does not include incidentals such as travel and books.



The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (People & Community) is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this policy and any associated procedures and guidelines.


The Director, People and Performance, Human Resources is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this policy in accordance with the scope outlined above. Enquiries about interpretation of this policy should be directed to the Implementation Officer.


This procedure is to be reviewed by 30 June 2015.


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