Reduced Working Week Leave Scheme Procedure (MPF1210)

  • Category: Employment
  • Review due by: June 30, 2015
  • Version: 2
  • Approved on: May 21, 2015
  • Effective date: January 4, 2016
  • Status: Published


This procedure is made under the Leave Policy.


This procedure applies to all fixed term and continuing staff.


1. Reduced working weeks scheme

1.1    A staff member may apply annually to participate in the reduced working weeks scheme for one year by submitting a completed Application for Reduced Working Weeks Scheme Leave form to the relevant level 2 delegate for approval, which includes:

  • the proposed dates of all annual leave to be taken during the year
  • the proposed dates of all the additional paid leave to be taken during the year,
  • an indication of the staff member’s preference regarding the level of superannuation contributions during the year.

1.2    Leave will continue to accrue at the normal time fraction and staff participating in a reduced working week scheme will take all additional weeks of leave during the period of participation in the scheme.

1.3    A staff member participating in a reduced working week scheme will reduce superannuation contributions to a level based upon the actual annual salary for that year or, if the staff member wishes to maintain superannuation contributions at the notional full-time rate, obtain prior approval of:

  • a level 2 delegate or
  • in the case of a staff member who is a level 2 delegate, the head of budget division (level 3 delegate).



The Executive Director, Human Resources is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure and any related guidelines.


The Director Specialist Services is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure in accordance with the scope outlined above. Enquiries about interpretation of this procedure should be directed to the implementation officer.


This procedure is to be reviewed by 30 June 2015.



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Senior Vice Principal

  27 July 2012

   27 July 2012

New version arising from the Policy Simplification Project. Loaded into MPL as Version 1.

2 Vice-Principal Administration & Finance 21 May 2015 4 Jan 2016 Fix broken links in sections 1 and Related Documents.
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