Staff Induction Procedure (MPF1150)

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This procedure is made under the Recruitment and Appointment Policy.


This procedure applies to all staff.


1. Workplace induction

1.1    The head of department and supervisor of a fixed-term or continuing staff member will ensure that the staff member undertakes a workplace induction that includes:

  • physical location in which the staff member will work
  • local health and safety procedures
  • University overview and strategic agenda
  • University’s electronic systems and access
  • terms and conditions of employment
  • local quality assurance practices
  • performance expectations and standards
  • team culture
  • staff training and development
  • policy and regulations
  • compliance matters including Promoting Positive Workplace Behaviours and health and safety training
  • the new staff member’s role, including probation criteria and how the role fits into the team, department and University.

1.2    The staff member’s supervisor will complete an Induction Compliance Checklist and place a record of the completed checklist on the staff member’s personal file.

2. University induction

2.1    University induction consists of four compulsory training programs that must be completed by all fixed-term and continuing staff members:

  • Orientation program (academic or professional): the program formally welcomes new staff and provides an opportunity to learn about the University’s history, culture and strategic agenda.
  • Occupational, Health and Safety: OHS training is a requirement of the University’s OHS Management System and enables staff to perform their work safely.
  • Promoting Positive Workplace Behaviours: staff are required to comply with relevant state and federal legislation and University policy in relation to discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying and to complete the Promoting Positive Workplace Behaviours online course.
  • Performance development framework: new staff are required to complete the on-line training program for the Performance Management Framework for staff or Performance Management Framework for supervisors.

3. Induction for casual staff and contractors (including sessional staff) and independent contractors

3.1    All casual staff members should be made aware of their occupational health and safety obligations, their workplace discrimination and harassment rights and responsibilities and any other applicable University policies and procedures as a minimum.

3.2    Casual staff members should complete the aspects of the workplace induction in section 1 and the University induction programs in section 2 that are relevant to the staff member’s role at the University.

3.3    The level of induction required for casual staff will vary depending on the staff member’s position and the frequency and regularity of their employment at the University.

3.4    Supervisors should consult with their local HR advisor and OHS advisor on the appropriate level of induction for their casual staff members.

3.5    Individuals or companies engaged as independent contractors should also be made aware of their occupational health and safety obligations, their workplace discrimination and harassment rights and responsibilities and any other applicable University policies and procedures, as outlined in the Engaging Independent Contractors Procedure.

4. Monitoring induction

4.1   Departments are fully responsible and accountable for monitoring that all new staff are inducted effectively and in compliance with University policies and relevant legislation.

4.2   Induction related information and training information can be obtained from Human Resources and can be found on the following website:



Performance development framework

Supports the continuous development of all staff by encouraging a culture of ongoing feedback, recognition of achievement and promotion of continuous learning and development.


The Executive Director, Human Resources is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure and any associated guidelines.


The Director HR Specialist Services is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure in accordance with the scope outlined above. Enquiries about interpretation of this procedure should be directed to the Implementation Officer.


This procedure is to be reviewed by 28 February 2015.



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