This procedure is made under the Leave Policy.


This procedure applies to all fixed term and continuing staff.


1. Applications for sick leave

1.1    A staff member unable to attend work due to illness will inform their supervisor of their intention to apply for sick leave as early as possible, but no later than 10.00am on the day of the leave, if possible.

1.2   Immediately following the return to duty after a short period of absence, a staff member may apply for sick leave by submitting an application electronically through Themis (HR) self service

1.3    Where a staff member is unable to attend work for an extended period and wishes to apply for sick leave, the supervisor will forward an Application for Leave form to the staff member at home for immediate completion by the staff member and return to the supervisor for approval.

1.4    A staff member who is required to submit a medical certificate, statutory declaration or other supporting evidence of illness will attach the documentation to their Application for Leave or, in the case of an electronic application, provide the documentation to their supervisor.

2. Expiry of sick leave entitlements

2.1    A staff member who has used all of their sick leave entitlements will be placed onto sick leave without salary, subject to approval by the supervisor unless other arrangements are made under the Special Leave Procedure or section 4 - extended period of sick leave with pay.

3. Extended periods of sick leave

3.1    Where a staff member has been absent for an extended period and sick leave credits have expired, the head of department may determine that sick leave without salary (SLWOS) will apply and may seek to determine when or whether the staff member is able to resume work and may require the staff member to provide the head of department or a local Human Resources officer with a report from their treating medical practitioner containing advice on:

  • the general nature (but not the details, subject to the provisions of relevant legislation) of the staff member's illness
  • the seriousness of the staff member's illness
  • the likely duration of the illness and the expected length of time for which the staff member will be unfit for work
  • whether the staff member is unfit for all work, or whether they can perform some duties, and if so, what those duties might be.

3.2    The head of department in receipt of a report from a medical practitioner relating to the illness of a staff member on extended sick leave may consult with the University's Health Service if further advice is required about the report or about the staff member’s prospects for return to work.

3.3    Where the staff member on extended sick leave is a member of a superannuation scheme and is unlikely to resume work in the foreseeable future, the head of department, through local Human Resources, may advise the staff member to seek other sick leave cover, such as temporary or permanent invalidity pension or assess against the provisions contained in the policy – Leaving the University or the Certified Agreement for termination on the grounds of ill health.  .

4. Authorisation of extended periods of sick leave with pay

4.1    A staff member who has been absent for an extended period and whose sick leave credits have expired may apply to the head of budget division for extended sick leave with pay by submitting an Application for Non-Standard Leave and Leave without Salary form with a written case for the additional leave with pay and attaching a medical certificate specifying the period of absence required.

4.2    The head of budget division, on the recommendation of the local Human Resources representative and taking into account the staff member's length of service, may approve a request for additional sick leave with pay.

4.3   Extended sick leave with pay is funded by the department or unit in which the staff member works.

5. Privacy

5.1    A staff member involved in investigating extended sick leave will not provide any material or information obtained to any person who does not have a lawful purpose for requiring the material or information.

6. Cancellation of sick leave

6.1    A staff member may cancel sick leave that has previously been approved by submitting a completed Application to Cancel Leave form to his or her supervisor for approval and forwarding the form to local Human Resources.



The Executive Director, Human Resources is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure and any associated guidelines.


The Director Specialist Services is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure in accordance with the scope outlined above. Enquiries about interpretation of this procedure should be directed to the Implementation Officer.


This procedure is to be reviewed by 30 June 2015.



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