Procurement of Building Works Procedure (MPF1088)

  • Category: Finance and Procurement
  • Review due by: November 30, 2014
  • Version: 2
  • Approved on: April 4, 2014
  • Effective date: April 7, 2014
  • Status: Published


This procedure is made under the Procurement Policy.


This procedure applies to all staff at the University involved in the procurement of building works.


1. Ordering building works

1.1.    The head of a budget division may approve a request for minor or maintenance works up to $150,000, funded from within their budget division, through Property and Campus Services (PCS).

1.2.    Building works under section 1.1 must be included and identified within the division’s budget to assist with forward allocation of PCS project coordinators’ work schedules.

1.3.    Building works may only proceed after consultation with the Director Asset Services, Director Project Delivery, Director Campus Planning or Director Space Management as relevant.

1.4.    All building works require:

  • Property and Campus Services to appoint a Project Coordinator
  • a Project Mandate to be completed by the Project Coordinator
  • authorised approvers to control the financial approval of the building projects
  • the use of preferred suppliers for goods and services where such agreements are in place

1.5.    All building works of $150,000 or above are required to be reviewed by one of the two Building Tender Boards as outlined in the Tender Requirements Procedure.

1.6.    The Delegations Policy, Schedule B - Building Works Delegations provides the delegates with authority to approve financial transactions and negotiate and execute contracts for building works.

2. Quotations for building works

2.1.    No building works are to be confirmed unless written quotations have been sought and approval received from the relevant approving authority.

2.2.    The delegation and quotation requirements are summarised for each of the expenditure levels for building works in the Procurement Policy, Schedule B – Building Works Purchase Levels and Processes.

2.3.    Projects costs must not be split into components of a lesser value in order to avoid the requirements of the procurement, tendering or financial approval processes.



Term Definition
building works Includes works involving grounds, campus operations, services, equipment maintenance, buildings and infrastructure under the responsibility of Property and Campus Services.
preferred supplier Supplier who provides goods or services under agreements established through a competitive tendering process.



The Director, Project Delivery, Finance and Planning Group is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure in accordance with the scope outlined above. Enquiries about interpretation of this procedure should be directed to the Implementation Officer.


This procedure is to be reviewed by 30 November 2014.


Version Approved By Approval Date Effective Date Sections Modified
1 Senior Vice-Principal 24 Aug 2012 24 Aug 2012 New version arising from the Policy Simplification Project. Loaded into MPL as Version 1.
2 Vice-Principal Administration and Finance
on behalf of Senior Vice-Principal
4 Apr 2014
7 Apr 2014
Amendments to sections 1.4 and 1.6.
Related Documents section updated.
Responsible Officer section removed.
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